Zombie Sermon Night

October 17

One of the greatest epidemics in our culture is that people never feel truly alive. People live without purpose wondering where life and time has gone. It troubles their hearts. They feel dead inside. But what if they could truly come alive? Join upon October 17th to find out how to come truly alive.

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All Rise Up

September 5 – October 10

What would happen if the people of God stood up and stood out who they were called to be? Would communities be redeemed, would schools be transformed, would lives be healed? God has called us to more than just hearing and having knowledge of His word. God has called us to rise above it all through action. God has called us to be doers and not just hearers. It is time that we All Rise Up to the call and the mission of God for our lives. It is only when we All Rise Up, that we will see our world transformed. 

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